January 20, 2014

Note from the Author

Hello folks!

In the last two days, I have come across many blogs which have used my content. 

While I feel glad that these guys have chosen my content to publish and I'm quite sure many people must have reaped benefits from it, it does hurt me to see the content- exactly same words (with even the same font!), same figures/pictures being used- without even acknowledging the source. I also understand that the end goal of all these people (including me) might be the same which is to enlighten the budding VLSI engineers, but I would urge these guys to at least acknowledge the source.
To name a few: 

In retrospect, in case anyone feels that any material on this blog is inappropriate, I would urge you to feel free to drop me a mail at my.personal.log@gmail.com and I assure you that I would take necessary action, even it if means completely obliterating the post or perhaps even the blog, at the earliest.


Naman Gupta

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  1. why we are ommit stripes over macro ?? what is the reason behind that??